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Kosova Cadastral Agency

Kosovo Cadastral Agency was established by UN-Habitat in 2000, is the government agency under the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning. KCA is the highest authority of Cadastre, Geodesy and Cartography in Kosova. Now, KCA is implementing the Information System of Land and Cadastre as well as Registry of Immovable Property Rights in Kosova.

A functional cadastre system is necessary for the implementation of reconstruction, supporting the rules of law; promote economic development and resolution of older disputes and confusions.

In this context, the Kosova Cadastral Agency is established in the Support Programme for Kosova Cadastre-SPKC (2000-2003), financially supported by Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. SPKC main goal has been to develop and manage the registration of cadastre and land at the central level.

Chief Executive of the Kosova Cadastral Agency is Prof. Dr. Murat Meha.

For additional information, contact the Executive Office of the KCA