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Construction of Memorial Complex

It started in 2006, initially drafting the designing project and the main project and then in late 2006 with the execution of works in stages.
It is expected to be implemented in five stages and + 1, currently we are at the end of stage (V+) fifth plus stage - and the last one which is the last stage of construction in the center of the complex, but complex projects continue as:

Construction of side roads
Construction of protective walls
Construction of the amphitheater
Hydrogeological studies in depth to 20 m

First stage, completed

This stage includes the following tasks:
Sewerage system under the existing project for the village Prekaz.
Faeces sewage pipes for the Facility of Access and Information
Square drainage
Wells for irrigation
Regulation of stream - the river

Second stage;

This stage was completed
At this stage the following tasks were performed:
Public Square
Square in front of Jasharaj houses
The road to the bunker

Third stage;

This phase was completed
At this stage the following tasks were performed:
Martyrs’ graveyard
Bridges and river promenade
The object of the generator
Electricity, general part

Fourth stage;

This stage was completed
At this stage the following tasks were performed
The object of the entry and information
Ribbon - a special ribbon with other color plates
Reconciliation Lists
Village Cemeteries
Road on the village cemetery
Greenery – a part

Fifth Stage: completed

Works to be done in this stage are;
Lay cobblestones in front of houses
Lay cobblestones in the square,
Lay cobblestones in front of the entrance and reception room facility,
Lay cobblestones in the cemetery site,
Lay cobblestones in reconciliation lists
Lay cobblestones in the meeting site.
The road to the bunker
Reservoir of water recycling
Green and irrigation system

Fifth stage plus (5 + adding projects) has not yet completed

  • The works to be performed are as follows;
  • - Stairways to the bunker
  • - Extension of river-regulation of stream
  • - The road to the bunker
  • - Lighting from the Square to the bunker
  • - Lighting from the Square to Skenderaj
  • - A piece of green- Sewage

Other projects within the M.C

  • - Construction of side roads are being completed (Axis II and Axis III have been completed, while Axis I has ownership problems and is expected soon to solve).
  • - Construction of the protective walls - has been completed
  • - Construction of the amphitheater - the main project has been completed,
  • - Conservation, we are currently preparing for the establishment of the committee for selection of competing companies which have competed by their project ideas.
  • - We had a temporary conservation for the three houses of resistance – change of roofs, replacement of improvised stairs, columns, etc..
  • - We have completed the design task of the general urban solving of M.C.
  • Hydrogeological explorations in depth to 20 m, - we have an exploration report in 4 measuring points.