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Department of Water


Water Department operates within Ministry of Environmental and Spatial Planning. It covers all issues that have to do with waters, especially; in the use of waters, waters protection and protection from harmful water actions.

Water Department is organized in three divisions;

  • Division of general policies
  • Division of managing water resources
  • Division for coordination of river basins.


It should be done administration, Integrated and Sustainable water management to ensure sufficient quantity and good quality for all users under EU acquis for waters.


To be provided proper water services in the country, in which case all users will have sufficient quantity and appropriate water quality.


The main activity of this institution is the drafting of legal basis and other normative acts, strategies and plans for administration and management of water resources for the whole territory of Kosovo. Water Department performs professional work which relates to:

  • Developing policies of water resources
  • Administration, management and long term planning of water resources.
  • Drafting of plans and programs in harmony with developing policies of Ministry of Environmental and Spatial Planning.
  • Professional affairs related to bilateral and multilateral cross-border cooperation.
  • Work on planning for sustainable use of water resources.
  • Protection of water from pollution and protection from harmful water actions.
  • Development of water information system and water book
  • Allocation of water rights (water permits).
  • Development of mechanism for payment for (users and polluters of water resources, sand and gravel).
  • Human capacity building.
  • Proposal of capital projects for the advancement of water resources (administration, management and protection of water resources).
  • The budget proposal for financing projects and other needs for the development of water resources and water department activity.


The current work of the Water Department is characterized by cooperation and mutual assistance with all participants in the process. Cooperation is at all levels, starting from the highest governmental bodies through to local and foreign organizations, independent individuals and in some cases this cooperation is supplemented with discussions between public debates and different conferences.


-   Law on Kosovo waters No.04/L-147

-Administrative Instructions

IA No 02/2016

IA No 20-2015

IA No 19-2015

IA No.12/2015

IA No. 30/2014

IA No. 12/2013

IA No. 26/2013

IA No.28

IA No. 24/05

2.    Memorandums of bilateral cooperation 
Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning Between the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Republic of Kosovo and the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of the Republic of Macedonia(No. Protoc.591 / 12 dated 09/03/2012

3.  European Union Directives  
Framework Directive for Parliament and European Council Water  No. 2000/60, dated on 23 October 2000
Council Directives 98/83/EC, dated on 03/November/1998
Directive 91/271/EEC, dated on 21/May/1991
and others (web page of Parliament and European Council)

4.    Planning Documents from 1983-2000
-    Mirror of Hydro-economy of Kosovo - IH,,Jerosllav Çerni”
-    Master Plan for waters  1983-2000- IH,,Jerosllav Çerni”
-    Wastewater cadaster of SAP Kosovo, 1988. Nature Sciences Faculty, Section of Chemistry Prishtinë.
-    Resource and Water Supply Cadaster, Bureau of the RSM- Hydro Skopje, 1980
-    “Knjiga XV - Atllasi Vodoprivredno Resenje Metohije, 1974 Energoprojekti- Beograd 

5.    Documents 2004 -2014
-    Water Sector Strategy 2007-2013, in the Plan and Strategy Development of Kosovo 2007-2013 - Riinvest Institution of Kosovo
-    Monitoring program for surface and underground water 2014-2015- Water Department
-    The State Water Draft Strategy  2015-2034 , EPTISA 2012-2014, Prishtinë
-    Draft materials for the characterization of river basins, EPTISA 2012-2014, Prishtinë

6.    Documents / Instruction (character facilitator) generated by projects funded by the European Commission for Kosovo and other donors associated directly or indirectly with the administration and water management issues  can be found on their web -pages their websites and web – pages of  local institutions such as:
-    Office of the Prime Minister - the link to the former Water Task Force now Inter-Ministerial Water Council,
-    Link MESP Water Department,
-    Ministry of Economic Development Department link for the performance Regional Water Company and Sewage,
-    Web-sites and municipal administrative units.
-    Water Regulatory Office,
-    Company web sites Regional Water and Wastewater,
-    Web-site "HS Iber Lepenc"


Water Department is located in the new building of the Government (former Rilindja, palace of the media,), the sixteenth floor. Technical equipment available in the department's water level is satisfactory and responds to the demands of the time.

Address: New building of the Government (former Rilindja, palace of the media) floor 16;
10.000 Pristina

Phone number: 038 200 33 204 / 200 32 235


  • Administrative instrucion No.12/2013 water information system Download