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Kosova Environmental Protection Agency

Respected environmental admirers, welcome to our home, the doors of which are always open to you.

Kosova Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA) is not just a government institution, but a place where you can find more information on Kosovo's environment and can submit your questions and concerns on environmental protection.

We draft professional concepts and proposals regarding the framework of environmental data and propose MESP and other ministries to undertake measures for improvement.

Other state institutions, municipal and private can also be consulted here. KEPA creates and provides scientific and professional support to the country's environmental policies. KEPA monitor international developments to protect the environment through participation in international conferences and seminars.

We continuously inform the public about the environmental situation and the consequences. The agency staff is prepared professionally and with higher education, some attend postgraduate studies, as well as other who have PhD degrees.

Come and meet us, use our knowledge and experiences and serve the information we have available.

Dr. Ilir Morina, Chief of KEPA

  • Regulation MESP No03/2014 of responsibilites internal organization and systematiization of jobs in the Agency Environmental Protection of Kosovo Download