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  • 16 November  

    Construction of Memorial Complex

    It started in 2006, initially drafting the designing project and the main project and then in late 2006 with the execution of works in stages. It is expected to be implemented in five stages and + 1, currently we are at the end of stage (V+) fifth plus stage... Read more

  • 11 November  

    Create a network on monitoring air quality in Kosova

    The project is aimed to establish systems for monitoring air quality. Total of seven monitoring points were installed and a mobile station. This project has also been co financed by MESP and IPA. Donator MESP + IPA Current situation ... Read more

  • 11 November  

    Construction of the facility for temporary storage of hazardous waste

    The project is ongoing and implemented by MESP budget. The project has been approved since 2007 and is aimed at construction storage for temporary storage of waste and hazardous materials. Read more

  • 09 November  

    Construction of plants for the sterilization of infectious waste

    The project aims to installing incinerators for sterilization of hospital waste. So far 6 incinerators have been installed in six hospital centers and the last incinerator is expected to be installed by the end of 2012. Read more