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Secretary's Office

Duties and responsibilities of the Secretary-General

Secretary General, Ministry senior manager with the status of civil servants, who directs the work of departments, offices and institutional units MESP. Secretary General reports directly to the Minister.

Functions of the Secretary:

  • Provides adequate guidance of the Ministry through the effective use of human resources and financial professional in order to achieve consistently the objectives and scope of work of MESP.
  • Coordinates and coordinate work of all its subordinate structures requiring each facility to perform its functional duties.
  • Prepare, in cooperation with relevant departments, projects and presentation defends budget hearing.
  • Develop policies and sectoral strategies, and to organize and coordinate their enforcement work under the direction of the Minister.
  • Follow the implementation of legal obligations, practice planning, organization and control, in accordance with the policies and strategies of the Ministry, as well as to follow the organization of daily work;
  • Submit to the Minister reports on the progress of the work of the Ministry;
  • Advise and provide recommendations to the departments, offices and units MESP for coordination between the Ministry and other government bodies or NGOs.
  • In managing daily activities of the Ministry, the Secretary shall:
  • Make design and implement policies, regulations and procedures appropriate for the internal functioning of the Ministry according to the best modern practices, including:
  • Monitoring and evaluation of its subordinate structures; management information and documentation; archive operation; and evaluation and promotion based on merit according to the work of civil servants,
  • Organize and ensure the functioning of the system of internal controls in accordance with the requirements of the Internal Regulations;
  • Require the development of detailed work programs for each depending on its structure and actively pursue their implementation monitored;
  • Supervise the preparation and implementation of the budget, as well as the efficiency of the expenses incurred;